Winter Weather Returns to the Snoqualmie Valley

Old mother nature was just messing with us last weekend with temps in the mid-’60s. She’s changing us back to winter conditions. Let’s start with the incoming winds.

The wind gusts will be picking up Saturday afternoon. Gusts should be around 30 to 35mph. It’ll be a short event with the winds as they should calm down by late Saturday night, as always ignore the crazy ICON model.

Sunday morning into the afternoon there could be some unstable energy that could cause a few rumbles of thunder & lightning. This will not be a major thunderstorm, there will be just enough unstable weather to cause a few thunder boomers in the area.

As for the low temperatures for the upcoming week, Grab that extra blanket and turn the heat up a few clicks.

Our high temps starting Saturday going through next Friday will be in the mid-’40s. Our low temps for Saturday and Sunday will be in the mid-’30s and then the cooldown starts.  Monday through Friday our low temps will be in the low to mid 20’s. Brrrrrrr

People always ask when we get these cold temps that must bring snow right? Well not always as we all know. There’s not much precipitation with the system moving in.

With that said, any precip that we do get in the early morning hours could be some snow. We are not expecting any major snowfall accumulations in the lowlands with this system unless you plan to travel over the passes.

If anything changes, I’ll add an update to this post.

Spring starts in 29 days. 

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