Winter Weather Isn’t Leaving the Snoqualmie Valley Anytime Soon

Mother nature isn’t done with the Snoqualmie Valley this winter. There will be some gusty winds to start the work week. This won’t be a significant windstorm, but we could get 35 to 40 mph gusts.


The winds will start picking up on Monday afternoon and should calm down by late Tuesday morning.

Cold temperatures are on the way, possibly the coldest temps of the season so far. You’ll start to notice the temps starting to drop on Tuesday and lasting through Saturday.

During this period, we may have difficulty reaching freezing for daytime highs. The lows will be in the mid to upper teens.

Our lows should get back above freezing by next Saturday. Ensure your pipes are protected and you have nothing outside that could be damaged by the freezing temperatures.

Everyone wants to know about snow. The latest models have backed off a widespread snow event for the lowlands. If you really want snow, the passes will get lots of snow out of this storm.

As for the lowland foothills, we could see around 3,” but this total could change in either direction.

The snowfall should start late Tuesday night into Wednesday. If a Convergence Zone sets up over us, the total snowfall could be higher by a couple of inches. From Tuesday to Saturday, any precipitation we get will fall as snow, as most of Western Washington will be at freezing or a little above.

There is another chance of snow on Friday, but it’s still too far out to be sure of the amounts and locations.

Be careful driving from Tuesday through Saturday. With the low temps and the chance of snow, ice will be possible throughout the days, especially on overpasses and bridges.

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