Winter Homeless Shelter Moving to Fall City, Holds two Upcoming Meetings

As the Snoqualmie Valley Winter Shelter prepares to move from its current location at Snoqualmie United Methodist vrc

Church to the Fall City area, it is offering two upcoming meetings to address concerns, provide more information on their program and to answer any community questions.

The overnight homeless shelter is scheduled to open at Fall City United Methodist Church, 4326 337th Pl SE, on Tuesday, March 8, 2016. This will be the first time in the shelter’s four-year history that it will utilize a Fall City location.

According to shelter operator Valley Renewal, last year 54% of their guests came from North Bend, 23% from Snoqualmie and 17% from the lower valley, with the majority from Fall City.  Guests must have a Snoqualmie Valley connection.  Last year, only six guests were not from the Snoqualmie Valley.

Shelter Director Jennifer Kirk welcomes everyone to attend the upcoming information meetings about the Winter Shelter, as their program depends on success throughout the entire community.

More information about the Winter Shelter and Valley Renewal Center can be found at

Meeting Dates:

Thursday, Feb 18th

6:30PM – 8PM

Fall City UMC

4326 337th Pl SE, Fall City

Saturday, Feb 20th

3PM – 4:30PM

Fall City UMC

4326 337th Pl SE, Fall City

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