Windy Weather Expected for the Foothill Communities

Tis the season for a wind event, but if it had waited just one week, it would seem right on time for Thanksgiving.

Our area has a wind advisory from midnight tonight until 6 pm Thursday. This is not a widespread event and will only affect the foothill communities. Our gap “Cascadia” winds will come from the east and could gust up to 45mph.

If you haven’t moved in any loose items from outside, they could be in your neighbor’s yard tomorrow evening. The winds should peak early in the afternoon but will still linger in the evening.

These two wind charts are from different models, and both predict around the same MPH gusts in the low 40 mph range. Our sustained winds will be around 20 to 30 mph.

Long-range models are showing a slight chance for a mild wind event for Thursday/Friday, but still too far out to say for certain. There is still no sign of any lowland snow in the near future.  

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