Wildfire Smoke on its Way to the Snoqualmie Valley, Not Expected to be a Major Event

[Guest Post by North Bend resident Mark Davis]

The Snoqualmie Valley has dodged the smoke bullet all summer, until now. Unfortunately, starting Friday late afternoon into the evening, our east “gap winds” will begin to increase and bring wildfire smoke with it.

The wind gusts could be between 30 and 40mph and ease into Sunday morning.

Above is a chart showing the wind gusts, and even though some do show higher gusts than 40mph, I’m not expecting that.

Our high temperatures could reach almost 90° on Saturday, along with the wind speeds. A Red Flag warning this weekend for extreme fire danger with the wind and high temperatures.

 Here’s a chart showing our temps for the next few days.

Below is a smoke map for Friday at around noon. The orange is more extreme than the yellow. Due to our east winds kicking up, this smoke will be at ground level. Those that are sensitive to these types of conditions should try and stay inside Friday and Saturday.

The air quality should improve on Sunday. This smoke event looks like, at this point, a 2-day event for the smoke.

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