Wildcat Workers For Hire – Players Working For Their Mount Si Football Fees

Parents with kids involved in sports know that they are not cheap.  Parents with more than one child participating can feel the pinch even more.  Football can be especially expensive.  With recent education budget cuts, the Snoqualmie Valley School District was forced to increase the cost to play high school sports.  The fee is $175 per sport with a cap on the first two sports played and a $525 family cap.   Those fees, called “play to pay,” in addition to numerous football training and speed camps, summer clinics and gear fees, sometimes exceed what families can afford, especially if they have more than one child playing football.

As an effort to help, a group of MSHS football players decided to get back to a good old work ethic and do odd jobs around the valley to help their families pay the football fees.  The work group is not affiliated with the MSHS football program or other school clubs.  It is run by the players and their parents and is open to any Mount Si football player who wants to work to earn their football fees.

Some of the boys started working last weekend – accompanied by a parent supervisor.  They did such a good job they were invited to do more work this weekend.   To help the group continue landing jobs, parents stepped in with a little business organization to keep the new jobs rolling in.  MSHS Football mom, Kathy Hyland, says the goal is “to line up enough work to give all players a chance to earn their fees.”  Kathy and other football moms are now focused on letting the Snoqualmie Valley community know about these hard-working kids.

Here is the ad that went into circulation yesterday:

“Wildcat Workers for Hire! We are a parent led pool of Mount Si Football players who want to work to raise money to pay for our 2012 football fees and help our families’ off-set these costs.  We can do yard work, spread bark/gravel, lawn mowing, wood stacking, pet sitting, car washing, basic painting, gutter cleaning… you name it and we can probably do it. A parent volunteer will accompany all work parties. They are willing to work hard to pay for the cost of football. More info email WildcatWorkers@hotmail.com or call 425-445-8173.

Spring is quickly approaching – grass will start growing,  flower beds will need weeding and fresh bark.  Fences will need staining.  If you need a little help with your “to-do” list then Wildcat Workers may be just the solution.




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