Wildcat Jr. Football ready for new season with more safety protocols; registration starts March 1st

While the New England Patriots epic comeback to win Superbowl XLI typically signals the end of football season, one group in the Snoqualmie Valley is just getting its football season started.

The Board members of the Sno-Valley Wildcats Junior Football and Cheerleading Association (www.WCJFA.org) have been hard at work to prepare for the 2017 season that kicks off in August.  With registration opening on March 1st, the Board is looking forward to 2017 being another great season for the Junior Wildcats football program.

“This board is firmly committed to our mission,” stated WCJFA President Tom Chapman.  “Last year, we refreshed our entire inventory of helmets and shoulder pads, introduced rugby-style tackling to our football program, and partnered with Seattle Children’s to provide highly skilled athletic trainers for all home games.  This year we’re continuing to enhance our program’s safety, and are allocating a greater proportion of our budget to assist families in financial need. Our program is open to all kids in the Snoqualmie Valley.  If they want to participate, we want to help make it happen.”

“We are constantly looking for ways to raise the bar for our program” added Lou DeCola, the Board’s Coach Rep.  “In addition to things like new uniforms and new equipment, we are also investing heavily in additional safety training for all of our coaches.  We want our players to be as safe as possible and we know our parents expect that as well.”

The Junior Wildcats also partner with the High School Football program through its summertime football camps.  Also, Coach Kinnune acts as an advisor in many ways for the Board and the coaches.

Coach Kinnune added, “We want to grow football in the Valley and the Junior Football program is a great place for kids to start!  I strive to have my staff trained in the most cutting edge techniques to keep football safe and we impart our learnings to the Junior Wildcat coaches to make sure that kids all start with safe fundamentals.”

While many of you are wrapping up winter sports and getting ready for spring, the Junior Wildcats are eager to have you to register on March 1st to be a part of the 2017 football season that kicks off in August!  Coach Kinnune is also hosting his annual football camps in July and registration for those also opens on March 1st. 

Children aged 7-9 can attend football camp July 17th-20th and children aged 10-13 can attend football camp July 24th-27th.  All equipment, besides cleats, are provided when registering for camp.  Early bird registration discounts are available for both the season and the football camps when you register at www.wcjfa.org/registration.

For information on the program, please feel free to email Tom Chapman at President@wcjfa.org or check out www.wcjfa.org for more details and to register for the 2017 football and cheer season, as well as Coach Kinnune’s football camps.

Go Cats!

2016 Wildcat Jr. Football and Cheer participants and coaches.

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