Who Knew? Drive-thru Valet Pizza at the Salish Lodge

Did that title leave wondering what the heck we might be talking about?

It’s actually pretty simple…. and a pretty innovative idea. The Salish Lodge Attic has good pizza – cooked in a wood-fired oven. They even emailed us in July to let us know they were now taking online pizza orders.

But I must admit, my first thought was, that’s nice but there’s no way I could do it – no matter how much my daughter loves their pizza – because parking and getting upstairs to the Attic sounded like a pain.

Then a couple of weeks ago I finally paid attention when the Salish placed an ad on our website for their new online pizza ordering. (They did NOT ask us to write this, though.) All you have to do is drive into the parking lot to the valet stand and the valet will magically bring you your pizza.

Now you’re talking. Drive-thru pizza.

We’ll be trying it soon as it’s my daughter’s favorite local pizza… you should’ve seen her inhale it Christmas night after waiting almost an hour for a table. It was quite impressive!

You can order online on the Salish website or by texting. See video below. Nice idea Salish Lodge and Spa! This lazy mom is impressed.

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