What’s a ‘March of the Vegetables?’ Savor Snoqualmie Valley was hoping you’d ask

What, you say, is a March of the Vegetables?  It’s a question Savor Snoqualmie Valley hoped community members might ask.

A little bit of background info: Savor Snoqualmie Valley is a new, cooperative effort that celebrates and promotes local food and farms, arts and culture, heritage, outdoor activities and independent businesses of the Snoqualmie Valley.

Coordinated by the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust in partnership with government, business, and community leaders from across the Snoqualmie Valley, Savor Snoqualmie Valley recently launched its website, which aims to connect residents and visitors to activities, events and itinerary ideas in the Valley.

Back to The March of the Vegetables: It’s a parade for families, art lovers and friends-of-farms. The inaugural community event happens this Saturday, March 25th in Duvall – and everyone is welcome to join the march/parade.

The idea: Farms in the Snoqualmie Valley produce many of the fruits and vegetables found at Seattle-area farmers markets. So March of the Vegetables is a like a big ‘welcome back’ for another local vegetable growing season.

Inspired by Procession of the Species, an annual, community arts-based Earth Day celebration in Olympia, March of the Vegetables celebrates community, art, and local agriculture, gathering residents and visitors together to welcome the vegetables back to the Snoqualmie Valley…. or a celebration of beauty, whimsy and local food say organizers.

How it works: Participants are welcome to come early – at 12:30PM – to create parade art, a vegetable balloon hat, or driftwood noise maker. Once adorned, everyone will gather at 3pm on 1st Ave (between NE Valley St. and Richardson St in Duvall), then parade along the streets of Duvall and congregate at Depot Park for live music, a beer garden, planting activities for kids, and more.

Organizers say it should be a great community afternoon that celebrates farming in the Snoqualmie Valley.  So join for the 12:30PM Art Workshop. Walk the parade route at 3PM and stay put at Depot Park for lots of post parade fun!

For more details visit www.marchofthevegetables.org


Savor Snoqualmie Valley volunteers prepared artwork for the inaugural March of the Vegetables parade happening Saturday, 3/25 in Duvall.


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