Warning: Snoqualmie Police to Host Child Abduction Exercise, FBI training

If you notice extra police presence on Snoqualmie Ridge  this week, be advised that it for an important training exercise.

The City of Snoqualmie announced that this coming week – April 3rd – 7th – FBI personnel will be in the city to conduct child abduction training for the Snoqualmie Police Department.

This FBI training provides law enforcement with specialized skills and investigative techniques to thoroughly and responsibly investigate child abductions or the mysterious disappearances of a child.

The training will consist of classroom sessions and a practical exercise near Cascade View Elementary School on Snoqualmie Ridge. Pre-identified community volunteers  =will be assisting law enforcement in the training – making it as realistic as possible.

WARNING: Community members should be aware of increased police presence in neighborhoods on Thursday, April 6th. Investigators may approach neighbors’ doors who have volunteered to participate.
The public should not be alarmed. This is solely an exercise.

“The City of Snoqualmie is looking forward to this exercise,” said Police Chief Perry Phipps. “The safety of our community – especially our children – is of the utmost importance. Heaven forbid we ever have a child abduction in Snoqualmie, but if that were to occur, this training and field exercise will help our department respond with greater knowledge and experience.”

Via press release the city stated that this training scenario has been conducted in cities across the country, including Texas, Nevada, Louisiana, Rhode Island, Florida, Alaska, North Carolina, New Jersey, Arkansas, and Arizona. Each time the training has been conducted, the community has supported the effort with volunteers and understanding for the police presence.

According to the release, feedback from every community has been positive about the benefits they perceived in the police training, and also in their experience seeing the investigative efforts first-hand.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census. approximately 30% of the population of the  City of Snoqualmie was under the age of 19.

[Community members interested in volunteering for the training may contact the FBI Liaison at SeattleJCARD@ic.fbi.gov.]

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