Vote for Robert Angrisano Fall City Fire Department District 27 Commissioner

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I first started attending the monthly Fall City Fire Department Commissioners meetings late in 2018.  This is where I came to know Robert Angrisano. 

He and several other Fall City residents were trying to stop the Fall City Fire Department “merger attempt” with Issaquah Fire District 10.  Robert has extensive experience as a fire commissioner in Kittitas County, a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician and EMS instructor. 

He spent hundreds of volunteer hours and drew on his fire knowledge to lead the effort to keep the citizens of Fall City fully and accurately informed about all the issues concerning the merger attempt.

Throughout the merger attempt Robert’s opponent would not respond to questions posed by citizens of District 27.  Even after a letter signed by over fifty residents of the district was given to the commissioners, he still pushed to have the merger placed on the ballot. 

If Robert’s opponent is re-elected to the Fall City Board of Fire Commissioners, would he contract with Issaquah Fire District 10 to provide our fire service despite the community’s overwhelming vote against merging with them? 

Thanks to Robert the citizens of Fall City still own and manage our 75-year-old Fire Department.  Last year we re-elected Commissioner Hollis who was the only commissioner who opposed the merger, and the replacement Maintenance and Operations Levy was approved by a large majority of district voters.  We also have a new Chief who supports our volunteer firefighter program. 

Please join me and vote for Robert Angrisano. He will answer our questions, keep our fire department under local control, and work to provide the department with training and tools they need.  He has a proven record of leadership, fiscal responsibility and community commitment. 

We’re on a good path.  Let’s not risk losing it all.  Vote Robert Angrisano. 

George Robertson, 48-year resident of Fall City

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