Video | Newborn bear cubs stuck on a tree top – Momma bear to the rescue

Kathy Barron and her husband were walking the trail between Fall City and lower Snoqualmie Falls Park Friday evening, April 21, 2017, when they stumbled upon something they hadn’t seen before – tiny bear cubs.

And those bear cubs were in a pretty unexpected place – high atop a fir tree – and not sure what to do. Move over cat stuck in a tree.

Kathy said they were heading home from dinner at the Salish Lodge Attic restaurant when they came across the amazing sight, but on their walk to the Salish there was no sign of bears.

She said it appeared the two small cubs (estimated to be newborn and only about 8-10 pounds) had been up in the tree for quite some time – possibly put in a safe place while their mom foraged for food.

Kathy explained the momma bear (whom she said wasn’t very large) ended up having to climb to the top of the tree to ‘convince’ her small cubs to come down.

She managed to capture the amazing sight – and those tiny cubs – on video.

This is not the first time Kathy has seen bears on the trail walk from the Spring Glen area of Fall City to Snoqualmie Falls, but this was her first sighting of the year AND the first time seeing such tiny cubs.

Black bears, which are most common in Washington State, usually give birth in January. Cubs usually come out  of the den with their mother around three months of age.



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