VIDEO | Snoqualmie Valley Makes Letterman’s Late Show Small Town News

Well, well…. it looks like the Snoqualmie Police Department’s weekly Police Blotter contained a small town tidbit that grabbed the attention of the writing team at Late Night with David Letterman.

January 21, 2015, Snoqualmie Police Chief Steve McCulley shared a video clip recounting a call from his department’s weekly police press log listed the Snoqualmie Valley Record. That clip was from Letterman’s popular Late Show.

If you regularly read the Snoqualmie Valley Police Blotter, you’ve probably come to realize that sometimes Snoqualmie Police officers respond to calls that turn out to be, well, slightly entertaining from a reading perspective.

The Snoqualmie Police Department prides itself on the motto, “No Call too Small,” and the call that landed them on Letterman might just prove our local officers are ready to investigate just about any incident that is reported to its call center.

But what caught the Late Night Show’s attention? Let’s call it like Letterman does, ‘Making a grave out of an ant hill.’

The incident occurred this summer when a caller noticed a “mound” behind a business that caused him/her some concern – and was worried it might be a grave. Police investigated the mound and discovered that it was not a grave (Phew), but just an anthill.

Chief McCulley said he thinks the segment aired in December. You can see the Letterman Show video clip here: Letterman Clip

And if you happen to know who made that June ‘anthill/grave’ call – maybe let them know they made Late Night.

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