Video: Snoqualmie Package thief captured on front porch camera; victim wants neighbors to be aware

It took two days for Kimberly Hutchinson to realize that a package had been taken from her front porch, but now that she knows, she wants other neighbors to be aware.

The Hutichisons have a Nest motion-activated camera- so the theft was captured on video on Friday, June 1, 2018 along Silent Creek Ave in Snoqualmie Ridge.

Since Kimberly, who works from home, regularly gets packages delivered – and only one box from her shipment was taken – she wasn’t aware of the theft until Sunday when a someone walking in the nearby woods spotted an opened box with her name and address.

Kimberly retrieved the package from the woods and then checked her video footage. Sure enough, someone walked right up to the door, took one box and rushed away.  She thinks the person opened it, found paint which was of no value to her, and then tried to hide the box in the woods.

She said she will be giving the footage to police in case it helps find the thief. In the meantime, she wants neighbors to be aware. Kimberly said they could not tell from the video footage if the woman arrived by car or foot, but that a car did drive up the street very slowly 10 minutes before the theft.

Package thefts are not uncommon in the Snoqualmie Valley. Police say catching these thieves is difficult unless suspicious behavior is reported immediately. They offer these tips to help prevent such thefts:

Some ways to avoid front porch theft: 

  • Require a signature of receipt for deliveries.
  • Have packages shipped to a location where someone will be available to receive them, such as a workplace or the home of a neighbor, friend, or relative who will be home to receive the packages.
  • Some companies offer delivery to pick up boxes at local retail locations.
  • When on vacation, notify the post office to stop the delivery of mail and packages until you return home.

If you have any information on the suspected thief, contact Snoqualmie Police at 425.888.3333


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