VIDEO | Snoqualmie Falls roaring after weeks of heavy Spring rain

My daughter said to me today: “Sometimes I forget we live right by a water fall. That’s pretty cool.”

It is.

After some serious rain in the Snoqualmie Valley during the first two weeks of April – we’re talking around 11 inches recorded in nearby North Bend – Snoqualmie Falls was a sight to see during a much needed sun break, albeit a break that lasted about 10-15 minutes before rain and hail began again.

Twitter-sphere is alive with talk about how Seattle might set a century-old record with its wet April, recording 5+ inches so far.

That’s nothing.

Head 25-30 miles east to our neck of the woods and try 11+ inches of rain during the same time period. We get the rain-whining rights this spring. This is the land where the weather bar is so low as-of-late, if you open the shades in the morning and it’s gray, but not raining, you might just do a dance of joy.

One bright spot during these seemingly never ending periods of rain is Snoqualmie Falls. Admittedly, we locals take it for granted living so close to this beautiful natural wonder, but today the sun came out (yes, it was shocking) so we stopped by.

It’s not very often I visit when the Falls are roaring and the heavy mist doesn’t block photos from the lower deck, but it happened today.

We were able to grab some decent video! Happy wet Snoqualmie Valley spring!





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