Video | Right place, right time as elk navigate fast-moving Snoqualmie River

Snoqualmie Valley residents are accustomed to seeing local elk herds around the Valley. In 2015 it was estimated the upper Snoqualmie Valley was home to about 450 elk, which are part of the North Rainer elk herd.

Our local herd is composed of about nine elk groups. The most familiar and largest is probably the group that frequents Meadowbrook Farm, where it’s not uncommon to see multiple cars pulled over along SR 202 so folks can snap photos and observe as the elk graze or nap in the wet grass.

Off the main roads – if you’re lucky enough – sometimes you’ll catch one of the groups roaming, like the one near Dirtfish that will cross the Snoqualmie River and migrate up the wooded area near the Falls and onto the Snoqualmie Ridge golf course.

There’s other groups, too, including one that frequents the eastern edges of North Bend. Thursday morning, October 19, 2017, resident Chris Roman was in the right spot at the right time – Tanner Landing Park in North Bend – and happened to catch an elk group crossing river, which was running fast after a stormy, wet night.

They sure make crossing the river look easy. Thanks for sharing Chris.






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