Video | Mom, daughter capture Snoqualmie ‘Brother Bears’ up close play time

Bears have been very active on Snoqualmie Ridge lately – especially during daylight hours. This week a few were spotted on backyard decks on Autumn Ave and others were seemingly having a great time down in the Silent Creek area.

Snoqualmie resident Stacy Olson took this video Friday morning, September 29, 2017, while her young daughter Emmie looked on and offered some priceless commentary, including needing the window open so she could hear the bears laughing while they played.

These two bears looked like they were just simply coming in for a dip at the Carmichael Ave and Elderberry Ave retention pond. But first they decided to have some brother bear wrestle time.

According to Bear Smart, WA, when male sibling yearlings meet – and they estimate these guys are bout 20 months old – they will sometimes play-fight like they did when they were cubs. This behavior also helps hone their fighting skills for future encounters with more mature bears, whom they will need to ‘negotiate’ with for use of their ‘home range.’

Bear Smart says this time of year – and especially after the dry, hot summer we’ve had – bears are more likely to use local retention ponds for cooling off purposes.

Thanks to Stacy for her patience –  and Emmie for the great bear video play-by-play.


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