Vehicle hits North Bend Post Office, location remained open Tuesday afternoon

[Article written in conjunction with Melissa Grant]

On Tuesday afternoon, March 14, 2017, City of Snoqualmie Public Information Officer Joan Pliego said a vehicle had struck the North Bend Post Office, located at 451 E. North Bend Way. The post office remained open after the incident.

The incident occurred around 1PM. According to a post office employee, the elderly driver may have thought she was in reverse when the car was actually in drive.

He said when the car would not move because the front tires were stopped against a parking strip/bumper, the driver hit the gas harder – which propelled the vehicle forward and into the front of the building near the entrance.

Pliego said the incident did not result in injuries, but the vehicle’s airbag did deploy according to the post office employee.


Damage sustained to the North Bend Post Office when a vehicle struck it, 3/14/17. Photo: Melissa Grant


Photo: Melissa Grant





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