Vandal covers Truck in Paint, owner asks for help to catch culprit

Snoqualmie is not immune to car prowls and vandalism, but a recently reported incident is taking things to a new level.

Snoqualmie resident Brian Taylor woke to a very unpleasant sight in front of his home Monday morning, April 23rd when he found his Ford 150, which was parked on Frontier Street in the Eagle Pointe neighborhood, covered in brown paint. The vandalism was reported to Snoqualmie Police shortly after being discovered.

A few blocks away at the corner of Swenson and Moses, another car had its windows smashed, reportedly by a paver stone. Brian said based on conversations on his neighborhood Facebook group, they speculate the windshield was shattered Sunday night around 10:30PM, as that is when nearby residents reported hearing a loud noise.

Brian discovered his vandalized truck at 7:10AM and said the paint did not have enough time to dry completely, which he thinks helped minimize the damage.  As far as cleanup goes, luckily the paint was acrylic latex so Brian was able to wash most of it off, although getting it off the plastic parts was difficult.  The truck is an older model so the Taylors won’t be repainting it.

Brian reported the incident on social to make neighbors aware of this new level of car vandalism. Hundreds of community members reacted with shock and outrage when hearing about it.  He hopes someone might have a tip leading to the culprit(s) and that people will review video footage – if they have cameras around their home’s exterior – that might spot someone walking late that night with a can of paint.

The can and lid from the paint tossed on Brian’s truck were found in the area. Brian said his wife was able to call Sherwin Williams and traced the paint to a construction company. [The Eagle Pointe neighborhood has many new homes under construction.] He said a voicemail message to let the company know they may have some missing property.

If you have any information about this incident you can contact Snoqualmie Police at 425.888.3333


Brian Taylor’s truck covered in paint early Monday morning, April 23, 2018.


Brian Taylor’s truck covered in paint early Monday morning, April 23, 2018. It was parked on Frontier Ave in Snoqualmie.





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