Valley Thunderstorms Still Possiblility Tonight

It seems Snoqualmie Valley has kind of lucked out with the thunderstorms today.  We’ve enjoyed pleasant temperatures and sunshine, but weather forecasters say there’s still a chance of hearing thunder in the distance tonight.

There’s been lots of thunder and lightning across other Puget Sound areas today.  In Renton, a home was struck with lightning which started a fire and the impact sent the homeowner flying across his living room.  He suffered minor injuries.

According to, the low pressure system off shore that is causing the thunderstorms is expected to move south toward NW Oregon this evening and the areas likely to see thunderstorms are “from around the Puget Sound region south and east.”  If they occur, the storms are expected to move west to northwest around 30MPH off the mountains.

“East” could mean the valley so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the sky.  Here’s some photos of today’s lightning from other areas.

Early AM lightning over Whidbey Island. Photo by Greg Johnson,
Lightning near Seattle, 7/13. Photo courtesy of Komo News
Renton House fire started by lightning today. Photo courtesy of Komo News

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