Valley Center Stage Presents The Clean House

Valley Center Stage is excited to present The Clean House by Sarah Ruhl. The Clean House is a whimsical and touching romantic comedy about love, loss, change and redemption.

The Clean House takes place in what the author describes as ‘metaphysical Connecticut,’ mainly in the home of a married couple, Lane and Charles, who are both doctors.

A serious career-oriented doctor, Lane has hired a quirky Brazilian maid, Matilde, who longs to be a comedienne and is more interested in coming up with the perfect joke than cleaning. Virginia, Lane’s sister, loves to clean and becomes fast friends with Matilde.

Tensions escalate when Lane’s husband, Charles, leaves her for his mistress, Ana, a passionate, older Argentinian woman upon whom he recently performed a mastectomy.

Award-winning playwright Sarah Ruhl reminds us of what’s important in life and that humor and beauty still enchant us in the most unlikely places. Join us for some laughs, tears and surprises with this wonderful story!

Fresh, funny … a memorable play, imbued with a melancholy but somehow comforting philosophy: that the messes and disappointments of life are as much a part of its beauty as romantic love and chocolate ice cream, and a perfect punch line can be as sublime as the most wrenchingly lovely aria.” – The New York Times

“A rich work about big themes from a young playwright with an original and audacious voice.” – Variety

“Casts a spell that had me hooked.” – The New York Daily News

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