Latest Primary results for Snoqualmie mayor, council position; Fletcher increases lead over Toft

With the fourth batch of primary votes tallied by King County Elections on Friday, August 4th, the field of five candidates vying to be the next Mayor of Snoqualmie has been narrowed. It’s still too close to call just yet, but Fuzzy Fletcher has increased his lead over Toft.

Only 80 votes separate Fuzzy Fletcher and Brad Toft. Incumbent Mayor Matt Larson has a substantial lead over all candidates thus far.

As for the Snoqualmie City Council Position 2 primary race, it looks clear that incumbent Katherine Ross will face Lesley Sheppard in the November 7th General Election.

As of August 4th, King County Elections had counted 2,992 Snoqualmie ballots – out of nearly 7,800 registered voters, with nearly 3,100 ballots returned.

King County is predicting a low voter turnout for the summer primary – only 38% countywide. Snoqualmie voters returned a lot of ballots the day before and on election day, reaching a voter turnout level of almost 40%.

Here’s the August 1st primary early results:

Mayor Primary

  • Fuzzy Fletcher – 681 votes, 22.96%
  • Matt Larson –  1,446 votes, 48.75%
  • Ed Mortensen – 15 votes, .51%
  • Steve Pennington – 218 votes, 7.35%
  • Brad Toft – 601 votes, 20.26%
 City Council Position #2
  • Katherine Ross – 1,375 votes, 50.35%
  • Lesley Sheppard – 1,072 votes, 39.25%
  • A.J. Tong –  272 votes, 9.96%

Candidate comments:

Mayor Larson commented, “Although there are still many votes to be counted, I am very humbled and grateful to Snoqualmie residents for their support.”

Toft said, “I want to congratulate the Mayor. Should the results hold, he will win the primary. The race for who will be the challenger is too close to call tonight. I look forward to seeing returns over the next few days.”

Fletcher added, “With 21% of the vote in, it’s too close to call. I am looking forward to seeing what the people decide as we continue to tally votes over the next week.”

King County Elections will count more mail-in ballots and update results each business day around 4:30PM until the results are certified on August 15th.


Snoqualmie City Hall. Photo: City of Snoqualmie









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