Up for Auction: Adirondack Chairs become one-of-a-kind art pieces, show up in front of local businesses for ‘Take a Seat for Kids’

For the second straight year, some beautifully painted Adirondack chairs will show up in front of Snoqualmie Valleu businesses – starting May 12th – and may leave you wondering: ‘Who did that and Where can I get one?’

So here’s the answers:

The chairs are part of the second annual Encompass ‘Take a Seat for Kids’  fundraiser. They will be on display at local businesses – Birches Habitat, Carnation Café, Heirloom Cookshop, Rio Bravo, Safeway on the Ridge, and Salish Lodge & Spa – from May 12th-31st.

You can bid on a specific set of chairs via an online auction (bids start at $250) while the chairs are on display. At the end of the month, the highest bidders will get to take home the one-of-a-kind art pieces and all proceeds go directly to supporting Encompass programs for children and families.

Who designed the chairs?

Artists Ronda Bergman, Kerry Beymer, Emily Creed, Kristin Lockwood, Lola Ridgley-Wagar, and Harry Roberts each donated their time and materials to transforming plain Adirondack chairs – provided by Ace Hardware of North Bend – into functional pieces of art, including weatherproofing to make them one-of-a-kind additions to a porch or backyard.

A LOT of work went into each chair set

  • Sugar Skull Fiesta: Bergman combined wood burning and vibrant colors to depict a Mexican-inspired scene with rich and whimsical details.
  • Sitting Pretty: Touches of gold that Beymer wove throughout her chair design add refinement and glamour to her lyrical rose motif.
  • Roses: Also inspired by flowers, Creed used delicate wood burning and diluted pigments to craft an understated, folksy pair of chairs.
  • Search for the Miraculous: Lockwood’s bold chairs have a spiritual undertone, with colorful birds, snakes, and circles representing energy being drawn up through the body awakening each of the seven chakras.
  • Poppies: Ridgley-Wagar’s pieces feature a fun poppy pattern, made from decoupaged fabric, that floats across the arms and backs of the chairs.
  • Moon Valley: Roberts makes a striking visual statement with chairs that mirror each other in their placement of light and dark colors and designs reminiscent of Pacific Northwest Native American cultures.

If you’re interested in bidding or learning more,  visit encompassnw.org/take-a-seat-for-kids 

L to R, top to bottom: “Sugar Skull Fiesta” by Ronda Bergman, “Sitting Pretty” by Kerry Beymer, “Roses” by Emily Creed, “Search for the Miraculous” by Kristin Lockwood, “Poppies” by Lola Ridgley-Wagar, and “Moon Valley” by Harry Roberts

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