Umpqua Bank in North Bend Hosts Community Business Expo on Friday, May 19th

Pete Nelson, the Discovery TV star of Treehouse Master and principal of Nelson Treehouse and Supply in Fall City, headlines an event at Umpqua Bank on May 19.

Nelson will be a guest at the weekly Innovation Friday meet-up, a program of the SnoValley Innovation Center located at Umpqua Bank, along with the SnoValley Chamber of Commerce.

“As a business banker, I wanted to create a place where business owners could gather and share their knowledge with each other. My bank’s executives agreed, and we created the Umpqua Community Room,” Wotton explained. “We started hosting the Business Workshops in 2015. The idea was loosely based on the PBS Yankee Workshop program. Instead of talking about woodworking tools and techniques, we would do the same around business challenges and solutions.”

To help round out the services, the bank hosts the SnoValley Chamber of Commerce office and the SnoValley Innovation nonprofit that Wotton helped co-found in 2018.

Unfortunately, the COVID Pandemic curtailed the public gatherings of the Business Workshop after more than 60 events had been held.

“We can now be thankful that we are past those challenges. It’s time to get back to where we left off,” according to Wotton.

Pete will be sharing his business experience and the eleven seasons as host of Treehouse Master in the Community Room from 12-1 PM, followed by a book signing. In the parking lot, Umpqua Bank is hosting lunch from Rio Bravo Food Truck, coffee from the Trail Youth Coffee Home trailer, and King 5 TV’s promo ad featuring Issaquah Ice Cream Trike’s Ben Armlin all from 11 AM to 2 PM in the bank’s parking lot.

There is no cost to attend.

Since Umpqua Bank merged with Columbia Bank on March 1, this is a chance to introduce the community to new executives and business partners.

Umpqua Bank will retain its name, and all the Columbia Bank locations are now branded as Umpqua. The local staff, adds Wotton, remains unchanged. He has been the local manager for the past 14 years and is a longtime Snoqualmie resident.

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