Two vehicle rollover accidents, one fire in just four hours near I-90 / SR 18 interchange

Thursday, July 18, 2019 was a rough day in the I-90 / SR 18 interchange area. Around 9AM witnesses said a trailer truck hauling two campers took the westbound I-90 off-ramp left turn onto SR 18 too fast, causing them to come loose.

According to Snoqualmie resident Kathleen Morris, one of the campers almost fell on top of her car and three other vehicles. She commented, “We could have been crushed.”

She said she saw a camper on a flat bed trailer leaning toward her car before the driver corrected the wheel and it flew in the air and landed on the pavement. Morris added, “It was unbelievably scary.”

One of the campers that came off a truck while turning onto SR 18 from the WB 90 off0-ramp

Not too far away, near the entrance to westbound I-90 from Snoqualmie Parkway, a one-car rollover accident occurred when a driver drifted off the road, slowed on an embankment and then rolled into the ditch.

Washington State Patrol Trooper Rick Johnson said the driver was transported to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Rollover accident just west of the 90/18 interchange on 7/18/19. Photo: WSP

Then around 12:30PM, Snoqualmie Fire crews responded to an apparent truck fire on westbound I-90 near the SR 18 interchange. One witness said firefighters were putting the fire out as they passed by – and that it smelled like gasoline.

Vehicle fire on WB 90, 7/18/19. PC: Jennifer McCall

Hopefully the Thursday evening commute goes much smoother!

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