Two-Motorcycle Collision Closes Preston-Fall City Road Sunday Evening, Rider Critically Hurt

Late Sunday afternoon, August 16, 2015, a two-motorcycle collision closed part of Preston-Fall City Road near 328th Way SE – about half way between Fall City and Preston.

King County Sheriff’s Office Detective Jason Stanley stated that two motorcycles collided when rider one was passing a car on the two-lane road and saw there was oncoming traffic. The rider then darted back into his lane only to clip the rear wheel of another motorcycle.

Stanley said both motorcycle riders went tumbling, with rider one suffering critical injuries. Rider two a severe case of road rash, according to Det. Stanley. The roadway was closed while police investigated.

Area residents also reported another accident on westbound I-90 Sunday evening in the Preston area, about an hour after the motorcycle collision occurred.

Some residents looking for an alternate route around the motorcycle accident encountered traffic backups from the I-90 collision. At this time there is no further information on that second collision.


Photo: screenshot Google Maps
Photo: screenshot Google Maps




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