Twin Peaks Director David Lynch Spotted Around the Valley, Series Heading to Showtime next Year

It’s not breaking news. More like a Hollywood tidbit, but ever since Showtime announced last fall that its bringing back Twin Peaks after 25 years, the question around the Valley has been when will film crews show up.

In October, creators David Lynch and Mark Frost hinted that they’d be returning to the Snoqualmie Valley to shoot scenes for the continued series expected to take place in current day…. and possibly answering some questions left lingering when the influential series went off the air after just two seasons in the early 1990’s.

But since then, very little information has been released regarding when Twin Peaks film crews might return to the Valley. There has been no official comment from the creators or production crew when they will begin filming or what specific locations they might use.

As the original and iconic Twin Peaks series has a committed (sometimes described as cult-like) fan base, locals might be able to speculate as to why very little information regarding filming has been released.

But… Twede’s Cafe made TV news in May with information that they’d been approached by Lynch to transform the iconic diner back into the RR Diner serving up its darn fine cup of coffee and cherry pie.

On Monday, July 13, 2015, David Lynch and his crew were spotted outside Twede’s – and this time by a member of the online community called “Welcome to Twin Peaks” who was in North Bend visiting former Twin Peaks filming locations. (Yes, it’s a big thing for fans of the show.)

The following day, July 14th, Lynch was spotted again – this time in Snoqualmie by the owner of Wild Hare Vintage while having lunch a Ray’s Dining Car next door the antique shop on Railroad Ave.

According to an earlier Showtime press release, the limited-run Twin Peaks series is set to debut in 2016.

When will local residents know when filming officially starts? Well, it may just be when you stumble upon it.  Until then it appears to be anyone’s guess and the subject of a lot of conjecture as fans gear up for the much anticipated return of Twin Peaks to TV airwaves.

Note: The 23rd annual Twin Peaks Festival returns to the Snoqualmie Valley July 24th-27th and includes celebrity guests, a film night, bus tour of filming locations. Word is Mr. Lynch has never made an appearance at the festival.


david lynch
David Lynch and others at Ray’s Dining Car in downtown Snoqualmie, 7/14/15. Photo: Wild Hare Vintage Estate located next door the restaurant on Railroad Ave.

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