Tuesday Afternoon Accident Between Car and Dump Truck Near Snoqualmie Middle School Sends Teen Driver To Hospital

Right about as school was letting out on a rainy Tuesday afternoon, May 22nd, Railroad Ave/Highway 202 near Snoqualmie Middle School was reduced to one lane of traffic as police responded to and cleaned up an accident involving a sedan and a dump truck.

It appears as though the sedan pulled out from a stop-sign adjacent the Twin Star Car Wash, located at 9200 Railroad Ave, and was “t-boned” by an oncoming dump truck.  A witness said the truck slammed on its brakes, but could not stop in time.  The sedan was then pushed off the road and into a ditch.  The airbag deployed, windshield cracked and the car appeared to take on extensive damage.  The driver’s side doors appeared to have been removed – possibly to free the driver.  Many Mount Si students use the back streets near the car wash when leaving from the back of the high school.

Students at Mount Si High School confirm the driver of the sedan is a MSHS student.  A fellow senior class member says the driver is “awake in the hospital and is good.”

The section of Railroad Ave where the accident occurred is a 40MPH zone and sees a lot of traffic during the 2PM hour when both SMS and MSHS release for the day.  The 20MPH reduced-speed school zones do not begin until after crossing Meadowbrook when approaching Snoqualmie Middle School on Highway 202 and approximately two blocks after crossing Railroad Ave/202 when approaching Mount Si high School on Meadowbrook.

Driver's side doors appear removed after the collision on May 22nd


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