Trailhead Ambassador Program Launches in the Snoqualmie Corridor Area

Trailhead Ambassadors, a brand-new volunteer program, is launching this summer in the Snoqualmie Corridor area, where recreational trails see some of the largest numbers of visitors in Washington. The Trailhead Ambassadors program is currently recruiting volunteers to educate and empower visitors on trails and public lands within the I-90 corridor.

In recent years, trail use has increased exponentially. This program is a direct reflection of the need to provide more resources to trail users about how to recreate responsibly. Volunteer Trailhead Ambassadors will be stationed throughout the summer at popular trails around the region such as Poo Poo Point (Chirico Trail), Twin Falls, Mt. Si, Rattlesnake Ledge, and Franklin Falls.

Volunteers will go through a virtual training that will cover topics such as: ways to engage public users, how to provide information about recreational trails, and education about how to play an active role in caring for trails and public lands to ensure safe and sustainable trails for future use.

Trailhead Ambassadors will spend their time at trailheads engaging with trail users directly where they are recreating. They will not only act as a welcoming face, but also be available to answer questions and provide resources. In a world where outdoor recreation grows each year, this program will be a necessary component in spreading the word about using local trail systems, and ways to protect and steward them.

If you enjoy hiking, conservation, and the outdoor community, consider applying to be a Trailhead Ambassador volunteer!

Volunteer recruitment and access to the online training will begin in March, and for those interested in learning more, please attend one of the Zoom informational sessions. Pending public health guidelines, you will start to see Trailhead Ambassadors at local trailheads starting in the summer of 2021. You can find more information on their website here.

Trailhead Ambassadors was formed by a partnership of land managers, nonprofits, local community members and businesses, and facilitated by the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust. Partners include Washington State Parks, Washington State Department of Natural Resources, US Forest Service, Cedar River Watershed, Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, Washington Trails Association, The Mountaineers, Issaquah Alps Trails Club, King County Search and Rescue, Seattle Outdoor Adventurers Meetup group, and REI.

The Trailhead Ambassador program will launch in summer 2021, following public health guidelines. Volunteer Trailhead Ambassadors will serve as a welcoming entity at popular trailheads to answer recreation related questions, promote responsible hiker ethics like Leave No Trace, and collect trail use information for agencies and nonprofits.


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