Traffic Light at Snoqualmie Parkway & Swenson Drive Out 6 Hours, Now Fixed

Updated 2PM:  City crews have now fixed the traffic light outage.  No word on cause still.

Since at least 7AM today, the traffic light at SE Swenson Drive and Snoqualmie Parkway has been out and flashing red, indicating drivers should treat the intersection as a four-way stop and be cautious of pedestrians in the crosswalk as that light is also out.

The City of Snoqualmie’s Public Works Department is aware of the issue at the intersection and is working to remedy the situation.  They were not notified of the outage until 11AM.  For now, drivers are asked to continue exercising caution and patience until the problem is fixed.

As of now there is no word on what caused the traffic light to stop working.

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