Trader Joes Hops I-90 to Its New Issaquah Location This Wednesday!

Amidst  debate of which Issaquah location is better for its loyal shoppers,  starting this Wednesday, popular Trader Joes jumps ship from its current Pickering Place Issaquah location and lands on the opposite side of I-90 in the Issaquah Commons (975 Gilman Blvd), right near the congestion of the busy Target store.

Wednesday, November 14th, is the first official day for Trader Joes in its new “south of I-90” spot.  The moves gives Trader Joes the 10,000 square foot minimum space needed to begin selling liquor at its Issaquah branch.

Employees say the feedback depends on which shopper you ask, but when I told them I was okay with the move because the new location is closer to where I do most of my Issaquah shopping, I got the distinct impression my opinion wasn’t the feedback they hear from most shoppers.

So, whether you like the location or not, it’s happening this week.  For those worried about parking, it looks like some additional spots were added.  For those worried about the traffic at the busy intersection into Target…well, not sure what to say to that one.  Bring your patience if you come on at Saturday at noon?

Good Luck Trader Joes!

Trader Joes new location in the Issaquah Commons

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