Torguson Skatepark Renovation Project Update

On Friday, January 8, 2021, Si View Metro Parks provided an update on the Torguson Skatepark renovation project.

Good news: the project is close to completion, which will bring an expanded and upgraded outdoor skating recreation venue to the City of North Bend. Unfortunately, the recent wet weather is slowing some remaining skatepark components, including the installation of pathways, stairs and landscaping.

This work is weather dependent, and currently, it is too wet to complete. The park’s saturated grounds need to dry out before work can resume, which will avoid damage to skatepark structures.

Si View Parks encourages residents to be patient and wait to access the skatepark until construction is fully complete. Only at that point will construction equipment and fencing be removed.  Si View says the new park will be worth the wait.

The Torguson Skatepark renovation will expand and replace the former 6,000 sq. ft. facility with a new 13,000 sq. ft skatepark with elements for all skill levels. The project broke ground in early 2020 and is being constructed by Seattle-based skatepark company, Gridline.  The design was developed using community feedback gathered by Si View Metro Parks at two community meetings.

Photo Credit: Si View Metro Parks

About Torguson Park

17-acre Torguson Park is owned by the City of North Bend and through a key partnership is maintained and programmed by Si View Metropolitan Park District.  The park features five ball fields, a soccer field, a climbing area, a bike park, a skatepark, a playground, a paved trail, a picnic shelter, restrooms and a concessions area.

Skate park plan courtesy of Si View Metro Parks

More information about Si View Metro Parks can be found HERE.

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