Tollgate Farmhouse: from dilapidated to the color of the sun; community invited to Grand Opening Celebration

What a difference a year makes.

That’s just about how long it has been since Si View Metro Parks received a $150,000 grant through King County Saving Landmarks program and began exterior preservation work on the historic  Tollgate Farmhouse – a North Bend landmark located along SR 202.

In that year,  the outside of the 1890’s era farmhouse went from dilapidated to the color of the sun.

The expansive, 410-acre Tollgate Farm Park opened in 2015, complete with walking trails, a playground, big open fields, beautiful views – AND the run down, iconic farmhouse. The park project was made possible by an inter-local agreement between the City of North Bend, who owns the park, and Si View Parks, who manage it.

After starting exterior preservation work last year, Si Parks Director Travis Stombaugh said they also hoped to secure a future grant to rehab the farmhouse’s interior, which appears closer to happening. The interior project has been recommended for funding through the Heritage Capital Projects Fund, and is awaiting approval of a state budget.

On Saturday, March 18, 2017 Si View Parks invites the community to Tollgate Farm Park at 11AM to celebrate their recent milestones: completion of the Tollgate Farm Interpretive History Walk and the Farmhouse exterior rehab project.

Attendees can take the guided history walk through Tollgate trails – courtesy of Dr. Lorraine McConaghy, who served as consultant and research specialist for the project.

And for those curious about how the Tollgate Farmhouse preservation work is going: you’ll get a rare peek in the farmhouse and learn what interior work still needs to happen in order to completely preserve it – and the role the farmhouse could play in  future community agricultural uses.

Si View Parks  is currently working on an agricultural feasibility study, which includes examining the possibility of turning Tollgate farmland into an incubator farm and the farmhouse into a store to support Snoqualmie Valley farmers and educational programs.

In addition to possible future farming uses, Si View Parks is also working to complete a missing trail link and extend the Tollgate Farm trail about 1/4 mile, connecting it to the popular Snoqualmie Valley Trail.

Parking for the March 18th event is available at the Tollgate Farm playground parking lot along North Bend Way.

Tollgate Farmhouse in March 2016


Tollgate Farmhouse winter 2017. Photo: Si View Parks.

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