Thumbs Up On The Downtown Snoqualmie Face Lift!

Workers put the final touches on corner of Railroad and River

It’s official!  Phase I of Snoqualmie’s Downtown Infrastructure Improvement Project is complete.  There is a celebration to recognize the milestone tomorrow, November 18th, at 4PM in historic Snoqualmie – at  the corner of Railroad Ave and River Street.  On hand to speak are Mayor Larsen, business community representatives, members of the US  Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration and Puget Sound Regional Council.  Speakers will highlight the project’s history and its funding.  City Council members and downtown business merchants and owners will also attend.

New stone benches on enlarged, stamped sidewalks

As someone who attended a city meeting with the hired economic consultant so many years ago, it was educational to watch this project take shape.  It began six years ago with a consultant who told city officials the necessary steps for Snoqualmie to capitalize on the 2 million visitors Snoqulamie Falls attracts each year.  The first step was some much-needed curb appeal downtown.  Once complete that makeover would help attract anchor businesses to the historic business district – transforming the area into a place tourists want to stop and explore.  The city’s goal was to develop a business tax base and avoid relying on the one time building tax base to sustain the city budget.

New angled parking spots on Falls Ave

Flash forward six years and one large government economic development grant – and here we are – looking at a fantastic downtown makeover.  It’s refreshing to see a plan on paper become a finished project.  Falls Ave and Railroad Ave are connected by a cohesive design plan.  More parking is available.  Sidewalks are larger and stamped with a boardwalk design.  There are even benches.  Ride your bike?  You can lock it up now.  Electrical and sewer systems are upgraded.  It feels like one downtown area – instead of Falls Ave seeming disconnected from the business district of Railroad Ave.  Great face lift Snoqualmie!

Again, the celebration takes place tomorrow, November 18th, at 4PM on the corner of Railroad Ave and River Street.  Refreshments will be served.  For more information and/or questions call 425-888-1555 ext. 1125.

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