Throw on Your Dancing Shoes and Discover Contra Dance, Rural Community Spirit at the Sallal Grange

The Sallal Grange wants you to throw on your dancing shoes and join their next Contra Dance on Friday, October  17th, at 7PM in the Sallal Grange and Community Hall, 432nd Ave SE in North Bend.

What’s contra dancing you ask?

Well, it’s like square dancing, but described as “more accessible.”  Organizers say sometimes dancers get the steps right and sometimes they get them wrong, but they’re always having fun and laughing.  The dancers are like strangers thrown together in a confusing situation, helping each other out.

Hot Cider String Band will play all the music and Jay Finkelstein will be making the dance calls.  Members of the Hot Cider String Band played their first full contra dance at the Sallal Grange with their mom and are now accomplished musicians, with their band in high demand.

Come hungry!  The night starts with a homemade hearty soup and bread dinner at 6:30PM. There is also a chance to practice (or learn) some waltz dance steps.  If you don’t know how to waltz, Sallal Grange Dance Leader, Tim Noonan, will be giving lessons from 7PM – 7:30PM.

Once 7:30PM hits, it’s Contra Dancing and Waltzing until 10PM.  A suggested donation of $5 – $10 is welcomed. More information can be found at

About the Sallal Grange

The Sallal Grange is a small community grange (#955), and part of the Washington State Grange system, which celebrates the rural community. The Sallal Grange was originally chartered on September 4th, 1930, and represented the towns of North Bend, Meadowbrook and Snoqualmie.

The Grange was an upstanding community-supported resource, but changing times and declining membership took its toll. On December 31st, 2007, it relinquished its charter, but in January 2010 the Sallal Grange was revitalized to help keep the Grange spirit alive in the Snoqualmie Valley.

Contra dancing. Photo: Sallal Grange website
Contra dancing. Photo: Sallal Grange website

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