Three Fires in Snoqualmie being Investigated as Arson, all Discovered within 30 minutes

The Snoqualmie Fire Department said Friday, April 29, 2016, they responded to three small fires that are being investigated by stellar:fern areaKing County Fire Investigators as arson.

SFD Captain Mike Bailey said the first fire occurred at Stellar Park around 8:45PM when someone lit clothing and doggie waste disposal bags on fire, which damaged part of a park play structure. Nearby residents extinguished the fire, but Capt. Bailey said the base of the elevated play structure will probably have to be replaced. No damage estimate was available yet.

About 30 minutes later, a second fire was discovered at a residence near the park on Fern Ave. Apparently a traffic cone was stuffed with clothing, lit on fire and placed against a fence. A neighbor discovered the fire and was putting it out when he noticed a garbage can on fire down the alleyway. He then called 911.

That third fire was extinguished by Snoqualmie Firefighters and damage was limited to one recycle can – which was destroyed. A homeowner described the can as “incinerated.”

Capt. Bailey said the fires are being considered arson. After this third incident, both Snoqualmie Fire and Police patrolled the neighborhood for the next hour, but not other fires were discovered.

Remnants of melted recycle can on Fern Ave after fire destroyed it on 4/29/16.
Remnants of melted recycle can on Fern Ave after fire destroyed it on 4/29/16.


garbage can
Damage garbage can that sat adjacent recycle can destroyed by arson fire on 4/29/16.




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