Three Car Prowls reported overnight in same Fall City Neighborhood

The King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) said deputies took three reports of car prowls in one Fall City neighborhood that occurred overnight, Sunday, July 24, 2016.  Two of the incidents happened on SE 43rd Street and the third occurred nearby in the 45oo block of 334th CT SE.

KCSO Sgt. Cindi West said so far they know two of the cars were left unlocked. The thefts were not that significant – with two gift cards missing from one car and a wallet left in another had $10 stolen from it – but another vehicle had keys reportedly taken from it.

Resident Angela Craig, who resides where one of the prowls occurred, said they had two vehicles parked in the driveway – and the one that was locked was not touched. She said the thief was pretty brazen as they have dogs and a security camera. Unfortunately the person avoided the camera.

Sgt. West reminded people to lock their vehicles, saying sometimes prowlers will just try car doors and steal from unlocked vehicles, but on occasion windows will be broken to steal items left in plain view. Her recommendation was to both lock cars and remove valuables.

West added, “The person who had only $10 stolen from his wallet left in the car is lucky. In this day and age of identity theft, someone could have done lots more damage if they had taken his credit card and drivers license.”

Two weeks ago the Snoqualmie Police Department also had similar reports of unlocked vehicles being rummaged through on Snoqualmie Ridge. In one case, sunglasses and an iPad mini were stolen.


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