This is it Snoqualmie, Let the 48 Hour Countdown to a New School Year Begin…

It’s happening again.  A new school year is starting and (again) I am a bit ill-prepared.

I still need school supplies for my high school girls.  I still haven’t been to the high school to pay all the start of the year fees.  This year my excuse for missing Wildcat Days (code for come pay your fees so we can start the year) was legitimate.  One child was out-of-town and the other was working full-time.  The girls mistakenly thought I would just attend Wildcat Days without them and be the solo parent in the student-filled lines.  Luckily, the school advised me I could come with them today and take care of business.

So here’s the scoop.  If you missed any of the middle and high school payment days (get ready to write a big check), you can take still pay those fees at your specific school today and tomorrow.  You can check the SVSD back to school page for a list of everything related to a new school year, including needed school supplies by grade level, new bus routes, lunch payment, bell times by school, etc. This is an extremely helpful, ‘one stop shop” for all SVSD back to school info.

All elementary schools will hold Meet Your Teacher Day tomorrow, August 28th, followed by the first day of class on Wednesday, August 29th, for grades 1-12.  Kindergarten begins on September 4th, with kindergarten assessments being held August 29th-31st. 

Here is a list of times for Meet You Teacher Day at each of SVSD’s five elementary schools:

  • Cascade View Elementary:  2PM
  • Fall City Elementary:  1PM
  • North Bend Elementary:  3PM
  • Opstad Elementary:  1:30PM
  • Snoqualmie Elementary:  1:30PM

Good luck and welcome to the 2012-13 Snoqualmie Valley school year.  I promise to be ready by the end of tomorrow, in true procrastinator fashion!  Rumor has it, next year we start back after Labor Day….





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