The Week Ahead – Phantom Snowflakes?

Why do the snowflakes on the phone app keep appearing then disappearing..? 

There were three days of snow forecasted yesterday (Snoqualmie) ?!?  Well, there’s been a real back and forth with the model runs, but what hasn’t really changed is that we’re only getting fringe temperatures, meaning the iffy potential for wet snow for the foothills and a much lower chance for points westward below 500 ft this week.

We’re looking at rather steady rains Monday.  Showers look to continue into Tuesday and the early morning hours could be rather windy for a short 2-4 hour period if a weak Low develops with ideal placement over B.C.  

A couple of model runs have the air mass aloft cooling enough to bring a chance of snowflakes below 1,000 ft Tuesday afternoon into early Wednesday.  Something to keep an eye on, but not looking like much of a threat at this point.

A brief break in the action looks likely Wednesday afternoon before more rain dives into the forecast for Thursday, with showers lingering into Friday morning.

As of right now, models are leaning for a dry-ish first weekend of February.

Have a great week!

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