The Valley Vagabond: a Three-State National Park RV Adventure to replace the trip Covid squashed

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Unfortunately for my husband Sean and I, Covid-19 killed a trip to Colombia for 2 weeks to celebrate 40th birthdays with my best friend. So, we got creative and decided on a road trip.

On the first leg of our trip, we flew to Las Vegas.  Masks were required, and no food or beverages were served in the regular cabin. As we got on the plane, I asked about wine but was told alcohol would only be served in first class. Even though the flight attendant could not agree to serve me wine on my birthday flight, they did announce a big happy birthday to me to the entire plane. Upon hearing that, a gracious couple in first class heard, offered to give up their seats, and I got my wine. Overall, the airport felt very safe, was quick with no lines and few people.

When we arrived in Las Vegas, we rented a 26’ RV and headed to Zion National Park. I am not really an RV Park kind of gal, but the Zion River Resort RV Park and Campground were pretty cool. On this leg of the trip, we felt no effects of Covid as we were alone in the RV or outside most of the time.

Although we were sans children, it seemed like a kid paradise with kids and dogs were running around, a swimming pool, and excellent river access. We spent the next day hiking almost the entire Narrows in Zion. Walking nearly 9 miles in the river, we ended up in super small parts of the canyon that are indescribably beautiful. After grilling a delicious steak dinner, we walked to the river, to star gaze while listening to some Pink Floyd.


The Narrows at Zion National Park PC: Katlin Lee

The next day we drove to the otherworldly Bryce Canyon and hiked 5 miles amongst the hoodoos. After which, we drove to Lake Powell, where we spent the next day on rented jet skis ripping around the lake and up Antelope Canyon. It was incredible. It was nice to eat at good restaurants after a couple of nights of grilling at the campground.

Sundowner at the Grand Canyon PC: Katlin Lee

My friend, Stephanie a former ridge resident, owns a Bagshaw Travel company, and she put together 3 nights at the Grand Canyon for us. Under Canvas is “an all-inclusive glamping adventure package and has since grown to include seven luxury glamping resorts and a customized event’s offering, bringing the glamping experience to life anywhere in the country.” Her vacation package included a private guide who took us on a fantastic secluded hike and a beautiful picnic lunch at an incredible lookout point. At days end, we did a sundowner on a cliff with champagne and a charcuterie board, such an exceptional experience.

The next day we had a helicopter tour over the canyon, which was utterly mind-blowing. I can highly recommend seeing the Grand Canyon from the sky. Then we returned to Vegas, where we had pedicures and a couple of fantastic dinners. We stayed in a beautiful suite at the Cosmopolitan, a great place to hang out and socialize after dinner. This was preferable since Covid was much more noticeable in Vegas. You cannot take your mask off the entire time, and it’s still as smoky and Vegas-smelling as ever. I likely won’t go back to Vegas until we are back to normal. I’m not against masks, but it was awful wearing them HOURS a day with all the cigarette smoke.

Helicopter Tour of the Grand Canyon PC: Katlin Lee

In the end, it wasn’t Colombia, but it was perfect. I’ve traveled quite a bit internationally but rarely take the opportunity to explore my own country. I can’t wait to do it again with my kiddo in the future. I would recommend this trip to families or couples and friends, it had something for everyone. I HIGHLY recommend Bagshaw Travel for luxury travel. She put together a phenomenal adventure.

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