The Tummy Taxi: new family-operated, food delivery service launches in the Snoqualmie Valley

A new family business launched this week in the Snoqualmie Valley- complete with a catchy name: The Tummy Taxi, which delivers food from all North Bend and Snoqualmie restaurants straight to your home.

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “I wish we could get take out and have it delivered, something besides pizza”? This is the need the mother and son Tummy Taxi team of Tanya Radcliff-Houston and Josh Harris are looking to meet.

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The duo said they saw a need in the fast growing Snoqualmie Valley for such a food delivery service, but first polled the community about it on Facebook. That poll proved to them there was a definite need and interest – so with that The Tummy Taxi was born.

The concept is simple. Go to The Tummy Taxi website, fill out the order form and then they place the order with the restaurant. All area restaurants are linked on their homepage to make ordering easy – there are no restaurant limitations either.

You are then billed with all applicable food costs and delivery charges. They don’t except cash (except for tips) and take credit cards, Venmo (preferred) and PayPal. The delivery charge depends on location, but ranges from $5 – $15 typically.

The Tummy Taxi had a short soft opening on Wednesday, April 3rd and via Facebook reported they were pretty busy. The soft opening continues on April 4th and 5th from 11AM to 7PM. After that regular business hours are 10AM to 10PM, 7 days a week.

Stop by The Tummy Taxi Facebook page to keep up with their latest happenings.

Josh was born and raised in the Snoqualmie Valley and his mom has lived here for 37 years. Good Luck Tummy Taxi!

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