The Road Back – Sometimes a Girl Needs a Good Pedicure

My husband had a “Yoda” moment this morning.  We let Annie take the day off from school today.  One day to get caught up on a week’s worth of homework.  Everything was going according to plan when “Yoda” called to say he didn’t care about her grades.  She is a good student and will get caught up. He cared about her and wanted her to be okay…. so maybe I should take her out and do something with her.  Just her and I while the other kids are in school.

Admit it, sitting with your feet soaking and reading a People magazine can help take your mind off things – even if it’s just briefly.  I don’t do too many self-indulgent things.  I don’t even color my hair.  But I swear by pedicures as a stress reliever.  I think my daughter may have also just crossed over to the pedicure “dark side.”  Her color choice was questionable, but she’ll learn.  Really, green?  They did put  “CB” in gold on each big toe, though.  That made her feel good.

We had lunch and really talked.  My worries are eased just a bit.  The road back is still long with many emotions still to surface, but I think we are heading in the right direction. Special types of “normal” moments help.

Now back to the piles of homework.

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