The Road Back – At Long Last, Some Happiness

Something happened in our home this past month.  Our oldest daughter, after losing her friend 4 months ago, seems to have found a bit of true happiness.  The kind that isn’t forced to fake her mom out.  The type of happiness that starts in your heart and shines through your face.

Many of you regular readers have followed the journey of my daughter and few of her friends since they lost their friend Cody.  They are a strong group of kids who loved their friend fiercely.  I don’t know all of them, but have been privledged to get know a few of them since September.  I have watched and worried and hoped they would find some peace.  Their strength is amazing.

I cannot say with certainty they will ever have complete peace.  I can’t say their questions will ever be fully answered. But they keep inching forward one day at a time.  Sometimes one hour at a time.  The point is, even with setbacks, they move forward.  The pace isn’t important.

These kids have found support and comfort from each other.  I am reassured watching them take care of each other – like a family.  It was through this support group that my own daughter found her small piece of happiness.  Someone she can share everything with freely.  Someone who isn’t scared of her emotional grief journey because he is walking that same road by her side.

I watch and observe and wish nothing but the best for these strong kids.  Peace, hope, love.  My daughter found a bit of each this past month.  For that I am grateful.  Thank you to that special person who has warmed her broken heart.


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