The Question was Asked: When is Motion Water Sports Going to Finish Painting its New Snoqualmie Headquarters?

I drive Snoqualmie Parkway multiple times each day and, well, I notice things, and wonder about things I notice.  For the past month, each time I drive the Parkway and stare at the side of Motion Water Sports’ big, new Snoqualmie headquarters, I wonder when they’re going to finish painting the building.  It’s like a long, gray prison wall bordering the Parkway for about the length of a city block – when the rest of the building is painted.

Is it an important question? Obviously not. Do I still wonder? Yes.  The other three sides of the building look great.  In contrast, the long side bordering Snoqualmie Parkway, and the side most of us see daily as we drive,  is a stark gray.  Cement waiting to be painted the nice tan and yellow/beige hues that took three sides of the structure from unfinished, gray cement to a pretty, finished building approximately two months ago.

I finally caved and asked a contact at the City of Snoqualmie if they knew the answer, admitting from the get-go that the question was due to  my own personal (sometimes useless) curiosity, not a complaint; realizing there was obviously a good answer as to why the business park’s newest resident didn’t finish their paint job.

To my surprise, I wasn’t the only one wondering. My contact was too, as was a city planning department employee who had already posed the question to Motion Water Sports.

The answer was simple.  According to Gwyn Berry of the City of Snoqualmie Planing Department, because the building is concrete, there has to be a certain number of dry days before paint will adhere.  Motion Water Sports was able to get the three sides painted, but they have not had enough dry days to get the last side of the building. Case closed.

So, if we get a string of nice, dry spring days, that long gray wall bordering Snoqualmie Parkway should turn a pleasant yellowy beige.

Motion Water Sports new headquarters, Snoqualimie WA



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