The City of North Bend Updates its Snowplow Route Map

In preparation for the 2022-23 winter season, the City of North Bend has updated its Snowplow Route Map, which includes new neighborhoods and streets.

The map identifies Priority 1, 2, and 3 snowplow routes throughout the City limits and priority access point locations.

During snow events, Public Works crews focus first on Priority 1 roads. When treatment of those roads is complete, crews then move to Priority 2 roads and follow the same protocol before moving to Priority 3 roads.

In the event of more intense snowstorms, crews may have to focus more attention on Priority 1 routes. As such, it may take longer to plow Priority 2 and 3 routes.

The 2022 City of North Bend Snowplow Route map (PDF) can be found on the City Emergency Management website page HERE. Learn more about snowplowing and street treatment during snowstorms by visiting the City’s Snowplowing and Street Treatment FAQ page HERE.

[Information provided by the City of North Bend]

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