The Bindlestick Coffee and Beer House Adds New Outdoor Music Venue, 10 Weekends of Live Bands in Historic Snoqualmie

Since Rachelle Armstrong bought The Bindlestick Coffee and Beer House a year ago, live music was always part of the plan.  The longtime Finaghty’s server watched it work at the local Irish Pub, a place she still pulls a few server shifts.  So starting today, July 4th, Rachelle’s bringing that same type of live music to The Bindlestick in downtown Snoqualmie, complete with an outdoor stage.

The coffee and beer house’s current retail space stretches into the parking area behind the small, historic Railroad Ave building, and until a new tenant moved in two doors down, Rachelle just used the parking lot space, well, to park.  But parking lot easement issues with the new tenant neighbor made parking Rachelle’s car there impossible – so she decided to utilize the space for live music.

Over the past month iron fencing, a stage and new (prettier) gravel were installed, extending the Bindlestick’s back outdoor space and transforming Rachelle’s once parking area into a live music venue and beer garden.

Today, July 4, 2013, at 5PM is the inaugural live music event of the Bindlestick’s Summer Music series, featuring T Bagging Bandits and Shivering Denizens.  The event even has a special opening act, Locomotive, the Big Star Studios (music and performing school) band.

The Bindlestick will have live music on its new outdoor stage for 10 weekends this summer, running July 4th through August.  To find out which bands are play visit the Bindlestick’s website or Facebook page.

Good Luck, Rachelle!








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