The battle against ‘nothing is fun’ – Compass Outdoor Adventures innovates, has hundreds of families laughing with Indoor Scavenger Hunts

The concept is pretty simple: free family fun, indoor style. Last weekend North Bend’s Compass Outdoor Adventures decided to to take things inside, launching the company’s first ever at-home, Family INDOOR Scavenger Hunt.

Owner Luke Talbott said the idea came to him last Thursday. He, like many others, has essentially had to halt his business due to the Cornonavirus crisis. He said having the whole family home (working, schooling, etc) all of the time is hard – making nothing seem fun.

Luke figured the same was true for other families. So he decided to see if he could scale the team building, outdoor scavenger hunts he’s tailored for corporate clients into a bigger, indoor hunt… to bring some fun and levity to local families.

Furloughed employees agreed to help Luke design missions and get info loaded into the Goosechase app. And presto, volume 1 of the great Compass Indoor Family Scavenger Hunt went live this past Sunday.

Over 300 families – or about 1000 people – were running around their homes, completing missions and remotely competing for FOUR hours. Luke commented, “For four hours they played and laughed and had FUN.”

Saturday, April 4th at 10AM the fun starts again!

Before April 4th: Using the Goosechase App you and your family unit work through missions designed to get you thinking, laughing and, yes, enjoying each other’s company. Simply download the app (only need it on one iPad or phone) and search for the Compass INDOOR Goosechase – Volume 2 game or search by code X377X5.

April 4th at 10AM

  • Work through the three TUTORIAL missions
  • Look though the remainder of the missions and create your strategy. Some are family based and some are kid only. Complete as many as you can as long as you’re having fun.
  • The team with the most points by 12PM wins the whole competition and a prize.

This weekend’s hunt has new missions and the timeframe is shortened to two hours – and because the weather is supposed to be nice, there will be missions you can also do in your yard. Each mission completed earns a certain number of points and creativity and originality can earn additional points.

The app allows everyone to compete in real-time, with a live leaderboard. You submit videos/photos of your completed missions into the app to earn points. For those with friends and family in different cities, you can still compete as a team, using FaceTime to communicate and complete missions.

Snoqualmie resident Janelle Knight competed with her kids last weekend, raving about how easy and fun it was. She commented, “[It’s] super easy – tech savvy or not – people can easily figure it out. The house gets messy, but the memories and laughs are so worth it.”

Luke is hoping even more families compete this weekend, posting on Facebook: “We got 1000 people last week to have fun with their family units. Now’s the time to up the anty… 10,000 people laughing and having a good time all over the country. Let’s have a little bit of  fun in these crazy times!”

Compass Outdoor Adventures put on last weekend’s scavenger hunt free of charge. This weekend’s sequel is also free, BUT we did discover a donation button at the bottom of Indoor Scavenger Hunt Volume 2 website page for those who have a great time and feel like contributing.

For all the info visit the Indoor Family Scavenger Hunt Volume 2 page.

And look – one of last week’s mission even got kids doing chores!

Whole family crazy hair mission
Re-creating a family photo mission

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