Tent City 4 Leaving Snoqualmie Valley, Needs Items for New Issaquah Location

Since July 2015 Tent City 4 has been calling the Snoqualmie Valley home, but this Saturday, November 7th, TC$ will move from its Echo Lake location near the I-90/SR 18 interchange to Hans Jensen Park at Lake Sammamish State Park, a spot the camp utilized a couple of years ago at the north end of the park.

Snoqualmie resident and Tent City 4 (TC4) volunteer Donna Hamilton said the homeless camp has been welcomed back to Issaquah by both Governor Inslee and the Park and Rec Association, and described as “great tenants.”

Tent City 4 is home to about 28 residents, with a community requirement that residents are clean and sober. Approximately half of the residents work.  Hamilton explained many have simply fallen on hard times and need some help. Tent City 4 relocates approximately every 3-4 months.

Hamilton, whose family has volunteered weekly at the Echo Lake location, said the new Tent City 4 location will require more pallets to ensure all homes (tents) are off of the ground, as well as creating a walkway out of the mud for residents during the rainy months – and currently they are the biggest need of TC4.

Hamilton is helping collect the pallets and other needed items, as well recruiting community members with trucks to help with this weekend’s move to Issaquah.

She said via social media that the Snoqualmie Valley community has been wonderful neighbors, supporters and friends to the camp over the last few months, adding, “I am truly honored to live in such a wonderful community who supports a cause that my family and I are truly passionate about.”

If you’d like to help or donate please contact Share / Wheel, which helps run and support multiple Tent City camps in the Seattle area.

Donna Hamilton's children volunteering at Tent City 4 at Echo Lake location near Snoqualmie
Donna Hamilton’s children volunteering at Tent City 4 at Echo Lake location near Snoqualmie


Tent City 4 residents at the Echo Lake location near Snoqualmie.


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