Taking Chances, Infusing Passions into Local Family Businesses

North Bend Family Takes Chance on their Own Shop

Longtime North Bend residents Scott and Leslie Moon are a motorcycle loving family.  In fact, they met 18 years ago while in a motorcycle road racing club and now have 14-year old twins, Elly & Trevor.

After 30 years of Scott working for other motorcycle companies and commuting from North Bend to Lynnwood, the couple decided it was time for Scott open his own shop.

So earlier this year,  the family scraped together their savings and took a lease on a space in Issaquah – and with the help of friends, built out the new spot on NW Poplar Way and opened Moon’s Motorcycles in February 2015.

Leslie says making the move to open the shop was a huge one for the family – as well as being a bit scary – but the move will keep Scott closer to their North Bend home and to their kids.

Daughter Elly has been racing motocross since she was 5 and her brother Trevor also enjoys being on a motorcycle, but in a different way, as he is living with Autism.

Leslie explained because Trevor excessively rocks his body, it makes riding on the back of a motorcycle impossible. But Trevor loves to ride in a motorcycle sidecar, which means the family can continue enjoying their motorcycle passion together!

Moon Motorcycles sells quality pre-owned motorcycles,  cruisers, sport bikes, dualsports and more. More information is available at www.moonmotorcycles.com  or at  www.facebook.com/moonmotorcycles.

Elly, Trevor, Leslie and Scott  Moon at their new Issaquah, Moon Motorcycle Shop
Elly, Trevor, Leslie and Scott Moon at their new Issaquah, Moon Motorcycle Shop


Auto Shop Takes Passion for Pets to a Business Level

Cedar Falls Automotive owner, Michelle Reaves, became passionate about fostering and rescuing dogs in need in 2010 while doing a project for school.  Since that time her family has adopted three pets that she says changed their lives – a Black and While Alaskan Malamute named Clyde, Roxie, a Sable Malamute, and a Siberian Husky/German Shepard mix named Rusty.

Clyde and Roxie were only supposed to be fostered for the weekend, but both became Michelle and her husband Ken’s “foster failures” when they walked straight into the Reaves’ hearts and lives and never left. Rusty completed the family when later adopted from a local shelter.

The Reaves have taken their passion for fostering and adopting out needy animals to a new level, incorporating it into their business model with a special offer for Snoqualmie Valley residents.

Michelle says they’re offering free oil changes to customers who adopt dogs during 2015 – and some discounts to residents who help reunite lost animals with owners via the ‘Lost & Found Dogs of North Bend’ Facebook page.

Michelle says, “There are so many dogs and other critters that need homes due to all kinds of circumstances, that we like to promote and encourage people to adopt their next family member from a local shelter or rescue.  Animals that are adopted tend to be very appreciative and loyal to their new families.”

For more information on Cedar Falls Automotive and their special offers to customers who help pets find their “furever” homes, visit their Facebook page.

Clyde, Roxie and Rusty,  rescued and adopted by the Reaves family
Clyde, Roxie and Rusty, rescued and adopted by the Reaves family





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