Graffiti to a New Level? Car Vandalized With Spray Paint on Snoqualmie Ridge

It looks like bears aren’t the only thing to worry about in the nighttime hours on Snoqualmie Ridge – add tagging and/or spray paint vandals to the list now.

Last night, September 7th, homeowners near Steller Park on Snoqualmie Ridge reported their car was vandalized with spray paint.  The car was parked in the home’s driveway.  The vandalism was reported to Snoqualmie Police.

Steller Park has been the victim of ‘tagging-type’ vandalism for about four years now.  As a result, in recent years police have responded frequently to vandalism reports at the park.  Last night’s vandalism victim reports, though, that the Steller Park ‘tagging’ culprits, five of them, were recently arrested for their “artwork” at the popular Ridge “Train Park.”

Spray paint vandalism has also been reported in other Snoqualmie Ridge areas by readers this summer.  Last month one reader spotted a camper parked on Curtis Ave ‘tagged’ during his morning run and another reader also reported fences down near Muir Ave fell victim.

Time to park in the garage with your bear-attracting garbage containers?

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